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Frank Beckwith Defects

Hi all,

In case you haven't heard, Frank Beckwith, christian philosopher, apologist, and (now) former President of the Evangelical Theological Society, recently "defected" and re-converted to Roman Catholocism -- *during his tenure as President of the ETS*!!! You can read his blog post about it, and the (500) comments, here.
That, of course, must seem to many to be quite a blow to the credibility of evangelical theology. It's instructive to read his reasons for defecting, as well as the many horrible things people said about him in the comments (and lots of evangelical blogs out there). Basically, the underlying tone of most of the evangelical comments is, more or less, 'fuck you' -- including some from some *evangelical pastors*, I might add.

Why Abstract Objects Pose A Nasty Problem for Christian Theists

Philosophers have some pretty good arguments for the existence of abstract objects -- immaterial, timeless, spaceless, acausal entities that aren't concrete, such as propositions, properties, possible worlds, numbers, sets, and the like. When I was a Christian and an aspiring apologist, I was prodded to think (by apologist philosophers like J.P. Moreland and Alvin Plantinga) that abstract objects posed a nasty problem for non-theistic views of the world, such as naturalism (the view that the natural world is all there is). I also thought that such immaterial entities could best be explained in terms of God. For Christian philosophers have traditionally taken them to be (roughly) thoughts in the mind of God. Actually, there are a variety of views about the way in which abstract objects are taken to depend on God, but all such views can be classified as versions of what is known as 'theistic activism' -- the view that abstract objects depend on God in one way or another.…