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Timpe's New Book on Free Will in Philosophical Theology

Kevin Timpe has written an important new book: Free Will in Philosophical Theology. Here's the blurb: Free Will in Philosophical Theology takes the most recent philosophical work on free will and uses it to elucidate and explore theological doctrines involving free will. Rather than being a work of natural theology, it is a work in what has been called clarification—using philosophy to understand, develop, systematize, and explain theological claims without first raising the justification for holding the theological claims that one is working with. Timpe's aim is to show how a particular philosophical account of the nature of free will—an account known as source incompatibilism—can help us understand a range of theological doctrines. And here's the table of contents:
Chapter 1: The Importance and Nature of Free Will 1.1 Introduction 1.2 Philosophical Theology 1.3 The Nature of Free Will: Source Incompatibilism 1.4 The Issues

Chapter 2: Free Will and the Good 2.1 Choice, the Good, a…

Graham's Naturalistic Proper Functionalism

Alvin Plantinga has argued that (i) epistemic warrant should be cashed out in terms of proper function, and that (ii) naturalistic accounts of proper function are hopeless. In a series of fantastic papers, however, Peter J. Graham (UC Riverside) has fleshed out an extremely plausible, empirically informed version of naturalistic proper functionalism. See, for example:
Graham, Peter J. "The Function of Perception", in Abrol Fairweather (ed.), Virtue Scientia: Virtue Epistemology and Philosophy of Science. Synthese Library (forthcoming).
-"Epistemic Entitlement", Nous 46 (2012): 449-482. Published online January 20, 2011.

-Functions, Warrant, History Forthcoming in Naturalizing Epistemic Virtue, A. Fairweather & O. Flanagan, eds. (Cambridge University Press).
-"Perceptual Entitlement and Basic Beliefs", Philosophical Studies 152 (2011), 467-475.

-"Does Justification Aim at Truth?",Canadian Journal of Philosophy 41 (2011): 51-72.

The October 2013 Issue of Faith & Philosophy... now out. Here's the table of contents:

Articles1.Faith and Philosophy: Volume > 30 > Issue: 4
Tomas Bogardus, The Problem of Contingency for Religious Belief
abstract | view |  rights & permissions
2.Faith and Philosophy: Volume > 30 > Issue: 4
Tyron Goldschmidt, Beth Seacord, Judaism, Reincarnation, and Theodicy
abstract | view |  rights & permissions

Important Recent Paper on Pragmatic Encroachment and Prudential Arguments for Religious Belief

Here's an important contribution to the recent trend in applying insights from the pragmatic encroachment debate to religious epistemology:

Pace, Michael J. "The Epistemic Value of Moral Considerations: Justification, Moral Encroachment, and James' 'The Will to Believe'", Nous 45 (2011), pp. 239-68.