Linda Zagzebski

...has a novel and interesting paper defending the rationality of religious belief, based on a Foley-style argument from intellectual trust in oneself and others. It can be found at her department webpage at the University of Oklahoma, here. It's the one entitled, "Is it Reasonable to Believe in God?" The paper doesn't look to be published yet, but has only been delivered in the form of a quasi-popular talk.

Zagzebski remains one of the leading philosophers of religion. The other papers there (not to mention her books) are well worth reading.

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M said...

I find that Zagzebski is a far superior philosopher of religion than Rea. Concerning the latter philosopher, I find that his work in Christian Apologetics (he attends conferences with Lee Strobel, Geisler, et al.), upon closer inspection, is much less rigorous, sophisticated, and interesting than his (well-worth-reading) work in metaphysics.

Frankly, I was underwhelmed by his anti-naturalist (2002) work that you cited last week.