Republicans' 2008 Voter Suppression Strategies: A State-By-State Guide



Ron said...

It is pro forma in elections for Democrats to seek higher turnout and Republicans to try and lower the turnout. When it comes to illegal tricks though, don't you think that the ACORN stuff is worse than what is allegedly being done by the GOP according to the website you provided a link for? ACORN is registering hundreds of thousands of people, many of whom aren't real people. Some states require that you show an ID when you vote but other states do not. In more lax states I can see a potential for massive voter fraud by dedicated Obama partisans.

It's easy to be highly partisan and just accuse the other side of committing fraud. The truth is more complicated than that, however.

exapologist said...

Hi Ron,

Doesn't it bother you that Republicans try to lower voter turnout?

But I'm afraid I have to disagree with you about the ACORN rumor. Fact-checkers have undercut the ACORN hype here. On the other hand, I find it deplorable that members of the GOP try to undermine democracy by, say, playing on racist sentiments, giving misinformation flyers in inner cities about voting dates and locations, caging hundreds of thousands of votes, ensuring that there will not be enough voting machines in poor areas, etc., etc.