Craig on the Kalam Argument in the Blackwell Companion to Natural Theology

I'm starting to go through the new Blackwell Companion to Natural Theology. Skimming William Lane Craig's chapter on the kalam argument, it looks as though Craig, again, has chosen not to address Wes Morriston's criticisms of his arguments against the existence and traversability of actual infinites (although, to his credit, he does attempt to deal with Morriston's criticisms of the causal premise). Given that Morriston's criticisms are the most forceful in the literature, and given that, arguably, the force of the argument hangs on the cogency of those arguments, this is disappointing.

If I were to submit an article to a journal that failed to mention - let alone address -- the most important and well-known criticisms of my position, I'd get a rejection letter with no comments.


Da Vinci said...

It is understandable for him to choose not to introduce the theist guys with the powerful arguments of Morriston.

exapologist said...


Ron said...

Thanks for this. I just finished reading Craig's "Reasonable Faith" and was looking for counter-arguments.