Review of Paul Moser's The Elusive God: Re-Orienting Religious Epistemology

Bruce Russell (Wayne State) reviews the book for NDPR. Here is the link. I recommend also reading Stephen Maitzen's forthcoming review of the book for Sophia (available online for those with access to the "Online First" option for the journal).


Alex said...

Read this review this morning. What is interesting is the particular flavour of Christianity that Moser and his arguments are drawn from, which I imagine is hyper-evangelical, in that his argument seems a defence of this and its particular theological mood. I'll be interested to read the review you suggest, as well as hearing your own thoughts.

Denzel Jonez said...

I think that Russell's review is very generous. Maitzen's review is less generous but much more funny.

I haven't read 'The Elusive God'. But when I see quotations from it, it just looks like empty churchy jargon.

As a Christian, it makes me feel embarrassed. I hope those quotations are not representative of the whole book.

smaitzen said...

For those still interested, my review is now posted online here. Alas, the quotations in it are indeed representative of the whole book.--Steve Maitzen