Sunday, February 21, 2010

Lukeprog's Excellent Podcast

Hi gang,

If you didn't know already: lukeprog over at Common Sense Atheism has an excellent podcast called Conversations from the Pale Blue Dot, on which he regularly has discussions with excellent philosophers of religion (e.g., Graham Oppy, Wes Morriston, Richard Otte, Nick Trakakis). You can subscribe to his podcast on iTunes. Required listening!


Luke said...

Conversations FROM the Pale Blue Dot.

I know it's too long. Originally it was going to be 'Above Us Only Sky', but I wanted it to be more welcoming to theistic guests than that.

Luke said...

Thanks for the props! :)

exapologist said...

Richly deserved!

MC said...

Luke's CFTPBD and Reasonable Doubts are both some of the best non-theistic phil. religion-related podcasts on the web, hands down.

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