Excellent Review of Beilby's Epistemology as Theology

Tyler Wunder has written an unbelievably thorough and penetrating (20+-page) critical notice of James K. Beilby's Epistemology as Theology: An Evaluation of Alvin Plantinga’s Religious Epistemology. It's also the only review of the book I know of that takes a critical eye to it. In my view, it should be on the "must read" list for anyone evaluating Plantinga's reformed epistemology. The review can be found in Philo 10:2 (Fall-Winter 2007).


Cole said...

Hey Ex,

Thanks, I'm going to be looking more into this. I can't say I have it down pat but I really enjoy Plantinga's "Warranted Christian Belief"

Jim said...

I wasn’t aware of this review. (It seems terribly selfish to search for reviews of one’s work years after its publication.) Thanks for bringing it to my attention.

Jim Beilby

exapologist said...

Hi Jim,

You bet.