Fun New Paper

Brian Garvey (Lancaster University), "Absence of Evidence, Evidence of Absence, and the Atheist's Teapot", Ars Disputandi 10 (2010).


Marc said...

Agreed. I enjoyed Garvey's paper and found his argument(s) persuasive.

Also, I like your site's new aesthetic. =)


-- Marc

exapologist said...

Hi Marc,

I, too, am persudaded.

Thanks for the comment on the new blog look.


Steve Schuler said...

Hey Ex!

Thanks for the link!

The paper was written at a level that I was pretty comfortable with and I enjoyed it very much. I really like the graphic with the "Teapot (not to scale)".

Laughter is almost always good!

By the way, I do like your New and Improved lay-out and Top Bar design and colors better than the old one.



exapologist said...

Thanks, Steve!

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