Jeremy Gwiazda on Swinburne's Case for Theism

Via Prosblogion, I just learned that Jeremy Gwiazda (a recent PhD from CUNY) wrote a critique of Richard Swinburne's case for theism for his dissertation. The title: Probability, Simplicity, and Infinity: A Critique of Richard Swinburne’s Argument for Theism. Thus, for those seeking to understand and evaluate Swinburne's case, you might well want to order a copy of his dissertation (via the link above). Bonus: Here's a free preview to whet your appetite.

Also: a number of his papers can be found via a search on Phil Papers.

UPDATE: John D over at Philosophical Disquisitions has since explicated a number of Gwiazda's criticisms of Swinburne's work. Here is the link.

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