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Volume 28, Number 3 - 2011

Nicholas Wolterstorff, Then, Now, and Al
Alvin Plantinga, Response to Nick Wolterstorff
Jeff Speaks, Foreknowledge, Evil, and Compatibility Arguments
Robert Audi, Faith, Faithfulness, and Virtue
Brian Leftow, Composition and Christology
Jonathan D. Matheson, Epistemological Considerations Concerning Skeptical Theism
Trent Dougherty, Further Epistemological Considerations Concerning Skeptical Theism

Daniel Speak, Freedom, Teleology, and Evil
Paul Copan, Knowledge of God
William J. Wainwright, Obstacles to Divine Revelation
Jerome Gellman, The Cambridge History of Jewish Philosophy, from Antiquity through the Seventeenth Century
Paul J. Griffiths, Introducing Apologetics
Christopher D. Jones, The Works of Bishop Butler

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