A Further Critique of Plantinga's "Content and Natural Selection"

As noted previously, Ruth Millikan has replied to Plantinga's critique of her account of teleosemantics. Brian Leahy offers a further reply in "Can Teleosemantics Deflect the EAAN?", Philosophia (forthcoming).


Unknown said...

EA what is your take on Plantinga's latest version of the EAAN? Do you think the addition of materialism to the definition of naturalism makes the argument more effective in any way? What do you think the strengths and weaknesses of the argument are and what is your overrall assessment of it? I'd be interested to know what your views are. Cheers!

exapologist said...

Hi, Hyperentity.

So sorry for the delay! I'm inclined to think the argument is a failure. I recommend reading Tyler Wunder's dissertation. In addition to providing a devastating critique of the warrant phase of Plantinga's reformed epistemology, he provides a detailed, no-nonsense overview of the most powerful criticisms of Plantinga's EAAN. See also this worry. Beyond that, you might want to do a search on "EAAN" on my blog.


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