ANNOUNCEMENT: Workshop on Religious Epistemology, Contextualism, and Pragmatic Encroachment

Workshop on Religious Epistemology, Contextualism,
and Pragmatic Encroachment

Oxford University, 13 & 14 March 2013 
Charity Anderson (Oxford) & John Hawthorne (Oxford)
'Knowledge, Practical Adequacy, and Stakes'

Jeremy Fantl (Calgary) & Matthew McGrath (Missouri)


Matthew Benton (Oxford)

'Pragmatic Encroachment and Theistic Knowledge'

Michael Pace (Chapman)

'Pragmatic Encroachment and the Nature of Faith'

Tim Pickavance (Biola) & Daniel Eaton (Texas)

'Wagering on Pragmatic Encroachment'

Stephen R. Ogden (Yale)

'A Contextualist Look at Skeptical Theism'

Sandy Goldberg (Northwestern) will be a commenter.
Registration is free, but space is limited so we kindly request that those who register commit to attending all of the sessions. Please note that the format of the workshop is pre-read. Thus, it is anticipated that attendees read the papers prior to the session.
Please email Giorgia Carta ( with your name and affiliation to register.
This event will be photographed, and photos will appear on the New Insights Website. All participants should bring the Photography Consent Form to registration.

The event is a part of the outstanding project, New Insights and Directions for Religious Epistemology, headed by John Hawthorne at Oxford University.

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