A Slew of Excellent New Papers from Schellenberg

  1. J. L. Schellenberg (forthcoming). A New Logical Problem of Evil. In Justin McBrayer & Daniel Howard-Snyder (eds.), Companion to the Problem of Evil. Blackwell. (*Latest version. Recently revised*)
    J. L. Schellenberg (forthcoming). God for All Time: From Theism to Ultimism. In Andrei Buckareff Yujin Nagasawa (ed.), Alternative Conceptions of God. Oxford University Press.
  2. J. L. Schellenberg (forthcoming). How to Make Faith a Virtue. In Timothy O'Connor Laura Goins (ed.), Religious Faith and Intellectual Virtue. Oxford University Press.
  3. J. L. Schellenberg (forthcoming). Religious Diversity and Religious Skepticism. In Kevin Schilbrack (ed.), The Blackwell Companion to Religious Diversity. Wiley-Blackwell.
  4. J. L. Schellenberg (forthcoming). Skeptical Theism and Skeptical Atheism. In Justin McBrayer Trent Dougherty (ed.), Skeptical Theism: New Essays. Oxford University Press.
  5. The links to the papers above are available via PhilPapers, but they are also available (with many others) via direct link at Schellenberg's website.

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