Conference Announcement: Morality and God: What's the Connection?


Saturday, June 14th, 2014
Centre for Philosophy of Religion
Loyola Hall
Heythrop College, London


10.00 Registration

10.30 ‘Moral realism and God’
Dr Fiona Ellis (Heythrop College)

11.45 Coffee

12.15 ‘Morality and the transcendent’
Professor John Cottingham (Heythrop College)

1.30 Lunch (Provided)

2.30 ‘Løgstrup’s ethical demand: religious or secular?’
Professor Robert Stern (University of Sheffield)

3.45 Coffee

4.15 ‘The tribute of faith: faith as moral gesture’,
Professor John Schellenberg (Mount Saint Vincent University, Halifax, Canada)

5.30 Close


To register Please send your full name in an email to with 14 June as header, indicating your fees category (see below).

U of L faculty/students – no charge

Students - £5; Concession and HAAS - £10;
Standard - £20.

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