Fantastic New Paper on Skeptical Theism

Matthew A. Benton, John Hawthorne & Yoaav Isaacss. "Evil and Evidence", Oxford Studies in Philosophy of Religion (forthcoming)

Here's the abstract: 
The problem of evil is the most prominent argument against the existence of God. Skeptical theists contend that it is not a good argument. Their reasons for this contention vary widely, involving such notions as CORNEA, epistemic appearances, 'gratuitous' evils, 'levering' evidence, and the representativeness of goods. We aim to clarify some confusions about these notions, and also to offer a few new responses to the problem of evil.
Required reading. 


Mark said...

Hello, exapologist.

May I ask you what your opinion is on the new responses offered to the problem of evil in this paper?

exapologist said...

Hi Mark,

I'm inclined to think they're right on all of their criticisms. I'm not sure about their positive proposals (e.g., the knowledge-first response), though.


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