Videos and Podcasts: New Insights and Directions in Religious Epistemology

New Insights and Directions in Religious Epistemology was arguably the most important conference and workshop series in analytic philosophy of religion in recent memory. The videos and podcasts for its concluding event are now available online. Here's the list of speakers and topics:

International Conference on New Insights and Directions for Religious Epistemology
23 - 25 June 2015, Oxford University

Richard Swinburne (Oxford), Phenomenal Conservatism and Religious Belief"
Peter van Inwagen (Notre Dame), The Rev'd Bayes and the Life Everlasting"
Paulina Sliwa (Cambridge), Show and Tell"
Keith DeRose (Yale), How to Appear to Know that God Exists"
Hans Halvorson (Princeton), Foundations of the Fine-Tuning Argument"
Jennifer Lackey (Northwestern), What is Justified Group Belief?"
John Hawthorne (Oxford/USC), Fine-Tuning Fine-Tuning"
Roger White (MIT), Reasoning with Plentitude"

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