Data Relevant to the Problem of Evil



Ron said...

Thanks for this. I've read this very page a while ago and it is always good to be aware that there is much suffering in the world.

Personally, I've always had trouble with the Problem of Evil. All the theodicies I've read have either been incomplete or just bad. I've concluded that simple Theism is unable to give an adequate answer to this problem.

This is where my Christian convictions come in. Jesus knew well that this world is full of suffering, sin, and evil. By taking on the worst of it upon himself he transformed it into something noble and even holy. God enters into suffering and promises to redeem it.

Despite the appearance that God does not care about the 25 to 30 thousand children that die each year due to poverty, if Christian theism is true then he cares infinitely about each and every one of them. To quote C.S. Lewis in Perelandra, "When He died in the Wounded World He died not for men, but for each man. If each man had been the only man made, He would have done no less."

The enormity of the suffering in this world inflames my hope in God. It spurs me on to care more knowing that ultimately the Creator of us all cares about all of these people individually, knowing them more intimately than parents know their children.

Of course, I would not ask you to believe in something that you do not think is true. Perhaps, all I am saying is that if you were to make a bet (this probably sounds like a familiar idea to you, lol), then bet on God.

Btw, I like the blog. :)

exapologist said...

Hi Ron,

Thanks for your thoughtful input, and for your kind remarks!