Some Great Philosophy Podcasts

Need something to listen to while exercising or commuting? Interested in philosophy? Own an iPod (or some other sort of MP3 player)? Then check out the podcast Philosophy Bites, with Nigel Warburton. He has nice, short interviews with leading philosophers that offer helpful, accessible discussions of central philosophical arguments and figures.

Two other philosophy podcasts worth listening to are Philosophy: The Classics and Ethics Bites. The latter is what you'd expect: similar to Philosophy Bites, but more narrowly focused on ethical issues, theories, and arguments. The former offers clear, quick summaries of the key ideas and lines of argument in the central classical philosophical texts, concluding with a discussion of their strengths and weaknesses. Can't recommend these fun and stimulating podcasts enough!

(note to iTunes users: the easiest way to get these podcasts on your iPods is through a podcast search, by title, on iTunes).

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