Review of Timothy O'Connor's New Book, Theism and Ultimate Explanation

here (HT Prosblogion). It's a book-length defense of the cosmological argument from contingency. Timothy O'Connor is a first-rate philosopher, and a very clear writer, so you can bet the book is both an important contribution to the debate and a good read. He's primarily known for his work on the free will issue (he's one of the leading contemporary defenders of the libertarian position).

I should note that he's no fan of Plantinga's evolutionary argument against naturalism. In fact, he's published two excellent critiques of it here and here.

BTW: if you don't know already, Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews is an excellent source of philosophy book reviews. You can sign up at their site to have reviews of the latest books sent right to your email.

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Mark said...

What do you think of the following PSR?: there is an explanation for every fact or else there is an explanation for why that fact can have no explanation.