Recent Philosophy of Religion Articles in Philosophy Compass

Philosophy Compass is an excellent journal that publishes survey articles on the current state of the art on a given topic in a given sub-field of Philosophy, including topics in philosophy of religion. A number of very helpful survey articles in philosophy of religion have been published there recently, and I wanted to recommend some of them for those who can access them (if you can't, you might try Googling their department webpages for drafts):

-Manson, Neil A. "The Fine-Tuning Argument"

-King, Nathan L. "Religious Diversity and its Challenges to Religious Belief"

-Kraay, Klaas J. "Creation, Actualization, and God's Choice Among Worlds"

-Oppy, Graham. "Higher-Order Ontological Arguments"

-Hasker, William. "Intelligent Design"

-Alexander, David. "The Recent Revival of Cosmological Arguments"

-Kwan, Kai-man. "Can Religious Experience Provide Justification for the Belief in God? The Debate in Contemporary Analytic Philosophy"

-Taylor, James E. "Hume on Miracles: Interpretation and Criticism"

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