I saw Hope Sandoval in concert the other night, in promotion of her new album, Through the Devil Softly:

Words fail.

Life's too short not to catch one of her shows -- God knows when she'll be touring again.


atimetorend said...


exapologist said...

Are you able to catch one of her shows?

An anecdote: My best friend and I went outside to chat for a bit during the opening act. Out of the corner of my eye, I see Hope and Colm walking toward us to go inside. They walk right up to us, and she says in her soft, beautiful voice, "Excuse me, boys", and walk on in. My life is now complete.

atimetorend said...

And then you woke up!!! :^)

Just kidding, that's very very cool, I'm still jealous, have never seen one of her shows.