Jobs for Philosophers

Hi gang,

Sorry for the dearth of posts as of late. I recently (Spring 2009) got my Ph.D. in Philosophy, and this is my first (and, if things go well, last!) serious run on the Philosophy job market, which officially began yesterday with the publication of the October issue of Jobs for Philosophers. Unfortunately for myself and others going on the market, this is the worst job season in a few decades. In any case, polishing my dossier and sending out applications (on top of teaching and family matters) is pretty much all-consuming, and will be so for a good while. As such, posting may well be light for about a month or two.

Wish me luck!


Wes said...

Good luck! A talent like yours can't go unnoticed for long.

stevec said...

Good luck. I enjoy your blog, you seem to take the arguments of the religious seriously (a trick I haven't the patience to master).

As a computer programmer, I've gotten used to the idea of a tough job market, what with all the "outsourcing" and "offshoring," and various other buzzwords, but I suspect my "tough job market" is probably a smorgasbord compared to the market for professional philosophers. Hmm, that didn't come out as cheery as I'd hoped. Good luck.

exapologist said...


Notes on Morriston's "Creation Ex Nihilo and the Big Bang"

Notes on Morriston’s “ Creation  Ex Nihilo  and the Big Bang ”,  Philo  5:1 (2002), pp. 23-33. 0. Introduction (fill in later) 1. ...