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iPod Question

Hi folks,

For some reason, my iPod (touch, 2nd generation, I think) has stopped receiving data from the net via my wireless internet connection. It says it's connected, but, ya -- not receiving data. I've disconnected and reconnected, powered off, powered on, rebooted, but nothing works. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


Marc said…
You might've already tried some or all of these suggestions, but here are a few recommendations from a support page on

Under the "Resolution" section, you'll find

"If you are unable to access the Internet while connected to a network"


"If you are still unable to join a Wi-Fi network, or unable to access the Internet while connected."

Under the first heading, maybe the "Tap Renew Lease" option will work. If not, there's another option under the second heading: "Reset network settings."

If that and/or other options prove unsuccessful, here's the link the Apple's "Express Lane," which (it seems) will help you contact the appropriate technical support.,PL113
exapologist said…
Thanks, Marc!

I tried those things as well, but no luck. Thanks very much for the link to the Express Lane!


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