5th Anniversary

I recently realized that last month marked this blog's 5th anniversary. I'm still enjoying it quite a bit, so I plan on continuing for the foreseeable future. Thanks to all of you for visiting and/or commenting.



Steve Schuler said...

Hey There Ex!

Congratulationss on your silver anniversary!

You know, it's too easy to take for granted much of the information that is available on the internet and to lose sight of the fact that without guys like you it would not be nearly as an enriching and pleasant experience. Thanks for doing what you do! I very much appreciate it.

Thanks again,


Wes said...

Your "Index" is one of the most valuable resources online. I'm actually shocked it isn't linked all over the place. I know I've gone back to it scores of times.

Keep up the good work!

Jeffery Jay Lowder said...

Ex -- Thanks for your efforts! I very much appreciate them. Jeff

Andyman409 said...

Congrats on five years! Your efforts have not gone unnoticed.

exapologist said...

Thanks very much, all.

John Danaher said...

Congratulations! Five years is a helluva long time to be running a blog.

I check in nearly every day just to see what new links and comments you will have.

Keep up the good work.


exapologist said...

Thanks, John!