Interesting Discussion of the Results of Helen de Cruz's Recent Survey

We noted earlier that Helen de Cruz conducted a survey to determine how many people find the arguments of natural theology persuasive. De Cruz and others are now discussing (at Prosblogion and at New APPs) an interesting piece of information gleaned from the survey: most philosophers of religion are theists. The discussion focuses on whether (as in other areas) this fact should lead dissenting experts in the field to revise their confidence downward, and whether non-experts should defer to the consensus. The main reply is that there is reason to suspect that the data at issue is to be explained in terms of the self-selection effect, motivated reasoning, and confirmation bias in the evaluation of the arguments of natural theology.

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Notes on Morriston's "Creation Ex Nihilo and the Big Bang"

Notes on Morriston’s “ Creation  Ex Nihilo  and the Big Bang ”,  Philo  5:1 (2002), pp. 23-33. 0. Introduction (fill in later) 1. ...