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"...my supposition is that most Christians would be unimpressed if they were told that the explanation of how Christian beliefs could have warrant could also be used by Advaita Vedanta Hindus, ‘Voodoo Epistemologists,’ and maybe even atheists. They would, I think, reject Plantinga’s Extended A/C Model as a good explanation of the epistemic status of their religious beliefs and maybe conclude that this state of affairs was supportive of some version of religious pluralism. Of course, Plantinga would be pleased by neither of these conclusions. In the final analysis, therefore, a consideration of the Great Pumpkin Objection focuses attention on what may be the most disturbing problem with his approach to religious epistemology – its applicability to Christian belief."

-Beilby, James. "Plantinga's Model of Warranted Christian Belief", in Baker, Peter-Deane (ed.). Alvin Plantinga (Contemporary Philosophy in Focus Series), p. 145 (Kindle edition).

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Matt McCormick said...

If it is, at best, supportive of religious pluralism that includes atheism, then in fact it is supportive of no position at all. It is an extended exercise in overly complicated, gymnastic rationalization that has been countenanced far too much by serious philosophers and people who are concerned to be reasonable about religious matters.

Review of Paul Draper's (ed.) <I>Current Controversies in Philosophy of Religion</I>

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