Special Issue of Religious Studies on Schellenberg's Work in Philosophy of Religion

J.L. Schellenberg is arguably the most important contemporary philosopher of religion, and it looks as though his groundbreaking series of books will continue to be a focal point of discussion in the field for years to come. We noted on another occasion that an APA session and a recent issue of Philo were devoted to his work, and now Religious Studies has done the same.

Schellenberg's series of books in philosophy of religion constitute the most important systematic body of work in philosophy of religion since -- when? One might point to the publication of Swinburne's tetralogy, but Schellenberg's series strikes me as much more significant in terms of its contribution to progress in foundational issues in philosophy of religion, as well as its depth, subtlety, intellectual honesty, and argumentative force.


Hal said...

Hi Ex-apologist,
Thanks for posting this info on your site. Believe it or not I'd never even heard of Schellenberg before.

After reading the kindle sample of his book Prolegomena to a Philosophy of Religion I quickly realized why you regard him so highly.

Now have a couple of his books and several articles from his website residing on my iPad.

Also, you've got a great blog.

Take care,

Jason Marsh said...

Agreed that Schellenberg is doing some of the most important work in philosophy of religion. I look forward to this special issue!