The Blackwell Companion to the Problem of Evil... due out in October, and it's a must-read. Here's the blurb:

The Blackwell Companion to the Problem of Evil presents a collection of original essays providing both overview and insight, clarifying and evaluating the philosophical and theological “problem of evil” in its various contexts and manifestations. 

  • Features all original essays that explore the various forms of the problems of evil, offering theistic responses that attempt to explain evil as well as discussion of the challenges facing such explanations 
  • Includes section introductions with a historical essay that traces the developments of the issues explored 
  • Acknowledges the fact that there are many problems of evil, some of which apply only to those who believe in concepts such as hell and some of which apply to non-theists 
  • Represents views from the various religious traditions, including Hindu, Jewish, Christian, and Muslim 
And here's the table of contents:

Part I Problems of Evil 1
1 A brief history of problems of evil 3
Michael W. Hickson
2 The logical problem of evil: mackie and plantinga 19
Daniel Howard-Snyder
3 A new logical problem of evil 34
J.L. Schellenberg
4 Rowe’s evidential arguments from evil 49
Graham Oppy
5 Explanation and the problem of evil 67
Paul Draper and Trent Dougherty
6 A carnapian argument from evil 83
Richard Otte
7 The experience of evil and support for atheism 98
Jerome Gellman
8 The problem of animal pain and suffering 113
Robert Francescotti
9 Hell and the problem of evil 128
Andrei A. Buckareff and Allen Plug
10 The problem of apparently morally abhorrent divine commands 144
Wesley Morriston
11 God because of evil: A pragmatic argument from evil for belief in God 160
Marilyn McCord Adams

Part II Theodicies 175
12 A brief history of theodicy 177
René van Woudenberg
13 Counterpart and appreciation theodicies 192
Justin P. McBrayer
14 Free will and soul-making theodicies 205
Daniel Speak
15 The connection-building theodicy 222
Robin Collins
16 Best possible world theodicy 236
Hud Hudson
17 Providence and theodicy 251
Thomas P. Flint
18 A christian theodicy 266
Laura W. Ekstrom
19 Toward an Indian theodicy 281
Purushottama Bilimoria
20 Earth’s epistemic fruits for harmony with God: an Islamic theodicy 296
Mohammad Ali Mobini
21 On constructing a Jewish theodicy 309
David Shatz
22 Feminism and the problem of evil 326
Beverley Clack
23 Process theism and theodicies for problems of evil 340
James A. Keller
24 Theodicy in a vale of tears 349
Evan Fales
25 Antitheodicy 363
N.N. Trakakis

Part III Skeptical Responses 377
26 A brief history of skeptical responses to evil 379
T.M. Rudavsky
27 Peter van Inwagen’s defense 396
Meghan Sullivan
28 A defense without free will 411
Derk Pereboom
29 Skeptical theism, CORNEA, and common sense epistemology 426
Thomas D. Senor
30 The moral skepticism objection to skeptical theism 444
Stephen Maitzen
31 The global skepticism objection to skeptical theism 458
Ian Wilks
32 Theistic objections to skeptical theism 468
David O’Connor
33 Skeptical theism and the “too much skepticism” objection 482
Michael C. Rea
Index 507

Further details here. The price for the hardback is prohibitive, but the paperback and e-copy versions will no doubt be reasonable.

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