Howard-Snyder's Reply to the Moral Skepticism Objection to Skeptical Theism

Howard-Snyder, Daniel. "Agnosticism, the Moral Skepticism Objection, and Commonsense Morality"In Justin McBrayer Trent Dougherty (ed.), Skeptical Theism: New Essays. Oxford University Press (forthcoming).

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Steve Maitzen said...

"In the present essay, I argue that the moral principle Maitzen imputes to commonsense is false and that a moral principle much more in keeping with commonsense is compatible with Agnosticism and my defense of it. Along the way, I mention multiple misrepresentations Maitzen makes of Agnosticism and my defense of it."

Having read Dan's paper, I'll just say that the feeling of having been misrepresented is mutual!

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