Friday, February 27, 2009

Two Threads to Follow... Prosblogion:

(i) Christian and non-Christian members of the American Philosophical Association discussing discrimination against gay men and women at various Christian colleges. Here.

(ii) The same crowd's discussing a session between Plantinga and Dennett at the recent Central Division APA conference. Here.


Ima said...

And, having listened to/attended the exchange, read the comments and controversies...

...What is your take on both the P&D exchange and the APA-discrimination matter, exapologist?

exapologist said...

Hi Ima,

My own view is that the non-Christians thoroughly cleaned the Christians clocks on the gay discrimination issue, both at the Prosblogion thread and at the originating post over at The Leiter Reports (btw, Mr. Zero did a nice, single-handed take-down of the whole lot of them over at the conservative blog, What's Wrong with the World).

I'm a bit more ambivalent about the Dennett/Plantinga exchange. I think Dennett made a legitimate point about the (humorous) "superman" example. But I don't think that's the best sort of reply, given the dialectical context of arguing with a Reformed Epistemologist like Plantinga. Given his view that Christian belief is properly basic, he's not committed to saying that one should posit God only if he's a useful explanatory posit (say, for some aspect of evolutionary history). Much more could be said on this topic, but ...

What did you think?

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