U.S. Military Spending: Flat-Out Retarded

Yep, we spend just under what the rest of the world spends on military combined.

Let's cut that by 70 percent, and use it to build high-speed rail nationwide (like they have in, you know, the rest of the industrialized world). That'll create a huge employment boom, cut transportation deaths by 90 percent (and no more traffic -- yeah!), cut private spending on transportation (car payments, car insurance, car washes, car repairs, car lubes....gone!), make major strides against climate change, and eliminate the bulk of the basis for foreign conflict, all in one shot. And with the money left over every year, we can spend it on health care, social security, our creaky old infrastructure, etc. But of course that's just my opinion...

UPDATE: It looks like President Obama agrees with me to some extent. Good news!

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