Some Recent Critiques of Dembski's Work

Haggstrom, Olle. "Intelligent Design and the NFL Theorems", Biology and Philosophy 22:2 (2007), pp. 217-230.

Olofsson, Peter. "Intelligent Design and Mathematical Statistics: A Troubled Alliance", Biology and Philosophy 23 (2008), pp. 545-553.

See also "Probability, Statistics, Evolution, and Intelligent Design", Chance 21:3 (2008), pp. 42-45 by Olofsson.


MC said...

Don't forget this one, mate:

Wesley Elsberry & Jeffrey Shallit (forthcoming), "Information Theory, Evolutionary Computation, and Dembski's 'Complex Specified Information'", Synthese.

E&S argue that "Dembski's work is riddled with inconsistencies, equivocation, flawed use of mathematics, poor scholarship, and misrepresentation of others'
results. As a result, we believe few if any of Dembski's conclusions can be sustained."

exapologist said...

Thanks for the reference, MC!

Jeremy Koons' Excellent Critique of Plantinga on Properly Basic Theistic Belief

Koons, Jeremy Randall. "Plantinga on Properly Basic Belief in God: Lessons from the Epistemology of Perception", The Philosophica...