Some Recent Critiques of Dembski's Work

Haggstrom, Olle. "Intelligent Design and the NFL Theorems", Biology and Philosophy 22:2 (2007), pp. 217-230.

Olofsson, Peter. "Intelligent Design and Mathematical Statistics: A Troubled Alliance", Biology and Philosophy 23 (2008), pp. 545-553.

See also "Probability, Statistics, Evolution, and Intelligent Design", Chance 21:3 (2008), pp. 42-45 by Olofsson.


MC said...

Don't forget this one, mate:

Wesley Elsberry & Jeffrey Shallit (forthcoming), "Information Theory, Evolutionary Computation, and Dembski's 'Complex Specified Information'", Synthese.

E&S argue that "Dembski's work is riddled with inconsistencies, equivocation, flawed use of mathematics, poor scholarship, and misrepresentation of others'
results. As a result, we believe few if any of Dembski's conclusions can be sustained."

exapologist said...

Thanks for the reference, MC!

Notes on Morriston's "Creation Ex Nihilo and the Big Bang"

Notes on Morriston’s “ Creation  Ex Nihilo  and the Big Bang ”,  Philo  5:1 (2002), pp. 23-33. 0. Introduction (fill in later) 1. ...