Erik Baldwin's Interesting Paper on Plantinga's Model of Warranted Christian Belief

Erik Baldwin is a graduate student at Purdue. He's also a visiting graduate student at Notre Dame, doing research at their Center for Philosophy of Religion. In his paper "Could the Extended Aquinas/Calvin Model Defeat Basic Christian Belief?", (Philosophia Christi 8:2 (2006), pp. 383-399), he raises concerns about Plantinga's model of warranted Christian belief. In the process, he does an excellent job of clarifying Plantinga's account.

P.S., Recall that Erik Baldwin is the one who co-authored this nice paper with Michael Thune (one of his former fellow grad students at Purdue).


Erik Baldwin said...

Erik Baldwin's site has moved:

exapologist said...

Thanks, Erik. The links have now been updated.

Erik Baldwin said...

No problem! And thanks for posting a link to my paper. So far, the paper hasn't gotten much response. But perhaps it's taking a while to digest?

Erik Baldwin said...

By the way, since we're on the topic, in a recently published paper, "On the Prospects of an Islamic Externalist Account of Warrant," is available online -- if you have access to books using Springlink! (link to my post on my blog about it

exapologist said...

Hi Erik,

Thanks for referencing your paper. Sounds ineresting! I hope to get a chance to look at it soon.


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