Hume's Birthday (and Mine)

Today is the 300th anniversary of Hume's birthday. Incidentally, it's my birthday as well. I find it fascinating that our general philosophical outlook and aims largely overlap: we're both mitigated skeptics of sorts (although I go further in extending mitigated skepticism to our knowledge of modality), and we both have large-scale projects aimed at the criticism of traditional theism.

Happy Birthday, Hume!


Marc said...

Happy belated birthday, EA.

Hope somebody treated you to one (if not two or three) of these:!image/3307382479.jpg_gen/derivatives/landscape_215/3307382479.jpg

exapologist said...

Thanks, Marc!

AIGBusted said...

Hume's birthday is only 12 days away from mine! The positions of the planets must have destined us to be mitigated skeptics / atheists. lol.