Forthcoming Book on God and the Multiverse

Kraay, Klaas (ed). God and the Multiverse (Routledge). The book is due out in October. Here's the blurb:
In recent decades, scientific theories have postulated the existence of many universes beyond our own. The details and implications of these theories are hotly contested. Some philosophers argue that these scientific models count against the existence of God. Others, however, argue that if God exists, a multiverse is precisely what we should expect to find. Moreover, these philosophers claim that the idea of a divinely created multiverse can help believers in God respond to certain arguments for atheism. These proposals are, of course, also extremely controversial. This volume collects together twelve newly published essays – two by physicists, and ten by philosophers – that discuss various aspects of this issue. Some of the essays support the idea of a divinely created multiverse; others oppose it. Scientific, philosophical, and theological issues are considered.

And here's the table of contents:
Introduction Klaas Kraay

Part 1: Physicists on God and the Multiverse
1. Puzzled by Particularity Robert B. Mann
2. A The Everett Multiverse and God Don N. Page

Part 2: Theistic Multiverses: Details and Applications
3. The Multiverse: Separate Worlds, Branching, or Hyperspace? And What Implications are there for Theism? Peter Forrest
4. An Argument for Modal Realism Jason Megill
5. Revisiting the Many-Universes Solution to the Problem of Evil Donald A. Turner

Part 3: Criticisms of Theistic Multiverses
6. Kraay's Theistic Multiverse Michael Schrynemakers
7. Best Worlds and Multiverses Michael Almeida
8. On Multiverses and Infinite Numbers Jeremy Gwiazda

Part 4: Pantheistic Multiverses
9. Multiverse Pantheism Yujin Nagasawa
10. God and Many Universes John Leslie

Part 5: Multiverses and the Incarnation
11. Extraterrestrial Intelligence and the Incarnation Robin Collins
12. Incarnation and the Multiverse Timothy O'Connor and Philip Woodward


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