Oppy's Forthcoming Book on Reinventing Philosophy of Religion

Oppy, Graham. Reinventing Philosophy of Religion (Palgrave, forthcoming). The book is due to come out in July. Here's the blurb:
Widespread conflict between worldviews prompts philosophical questions. Are all worldviews religious? Is there a common core to all worldviews? Is there one true worldview? Are some worldviews better than others? Are there proofs that ought to bring an end to all disputes about worldviews? Might we reasonably agree to disagree when it comes to questions about worldviews? Can one lead a worthwhile life if one subscribes to a false worldview? Are people who do not have a religious worldview necessarily wicked or immoral? Should worldview education be an entirely private matter? This book is an introduction to these—and other—central questions in the philosophy of religion, as well as a defense of the idea that these kinds of questions are the central subject matter of philosophy of religion.
And here's the table of contents:
Introductory Remarks
1. Disagreement, Opinion and Expertise
2. Belief, Faith and Evidence
3. Debate, Reason and Argument
4. Science, Nature and Transcendence
5. Mind, Body and Spirit
6. Cause, Freedom and Responsibility
7. Flourishing, Virtue and Happiness
8. Trust, Violence and Power
9. Meaning, Understanding, and Narrative
References and Further Reading

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