Great New Podcast

Andrew Cullison has a cool new podcast over at his blog, Wide Scope. Here's his description of it:

I’ve started a philosophy podcast that will be incorporated into my regular blogging. Right now I’m keeping it simple. I’m just going to highlight journal articles that have recently come out that look interesting to me based on their titles and abstracts. The purpose is to give philosophers a way to get easily (and rather passively) stay informed about what new stuff is out there in situations where reading/browsing the internet isn’t convenient.

If you’re a subscriber to the main feed, new episodes will show up as blog posts in the regular feed. You’ll be able to go to the post and listen to the episode from the blog post. You’ll also be able to manually download an mp3 of the episode.

The podcast also has its own separate feed for people who track podcasts separately with their MP3 players (e.g. with their Android phones or Iphones).

Of particular interest to readers of this blog: Cullison sometimes highlights recent articles in philosophy of religion, and links to the articles he discusses.

By the way: I found out about the podcast via Sympoze, another helpful online tool for philosophers.


Andrew said...


Thanks for the link. I just posted another episode a few minutes ago.

Cool looking paper by Yugin Nagasawa called "The Ontological Argument and the Devil" just came out in Philosophical Quarterly.

Here's the link to his paper

exapologist said...

Hi Andrew,

Thanks for the link!