Morriston's Latest Presentation on Divinely-Mandated Genocide in the Old Testament

Here. The paper includes (to my mind) compelling rejoinders to the sorts of replies found in the recent issue of Philosophia Christi that focused on this topic, as well as the recent conference at Notre Dame that focused on it.

I think this issue constitutes the most troublesome version of the problem of evil for orthodox Christian theism, and precisely for the reasons Morriston discusses here: not only does the OT have Yahweh allow these horrendous evils to occur, but:

(i) he explicitly commands them.
(ii) he explicitly states his reasons for doing so.
(iii) the reasons he gives are bad.

As Morriston brings out to great effect at the end of his paper, the Skeptical Theist response is especially implausible for cases of this sort.