Review of Liberal Faith: Essays in Honor of Phillip Quinn

Ted Poston (University of South Alabama) reviews the book for NDPR, here.

Good ol' Phillip Quinn. He was a truly honest Christian. If only more Christians read him. It's still instructive to read his hard-hitting (and in my view, successful) critiques of Plantinga's earlier, internalist version of reformed epistemology in his exchanges with Plantinga in the mid-80s and early 90s.[1] Indeed, many of his criticisms apply to Plantinga's current, externalist stuff. I've always found it curious that the Plantinga-Quinn exchanges aren't more widely anthologized. Strange.

[1] Quinn, "In Search of the Foundations of Theism", Faith and Philosophy 4:2 (October, 1985), pp. 469-486; Plantinga, "The Foundations of Theism: A Reply", Faith and Philosophy 3:3 (July, 1986), pp. 298-313; "The Foundations of Theism Again: A Rejoinder to Plantinga", in Zagzebski, Linda (ed.), Rational Faith: Catholic Responses to Reformed Epistemology (University of Notre Dame Press, 1993), pp. 14-47.

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