Baylor Philosophy of Religion Conference

Sorry -- thought I'd posted an announcement on this earlier:

Baylor's 6th annual philosophy of religion conference is just around the corner (Jan. 28th). Details here.

To whet your appetite, here is the list of speakers and papers:

“Social Evil” Ted Poston

“Rawls and the Essentially Religious Temperament” David Reidy

"Compatibilism and the Complicity of Morality: A New Kind of Argument against Compatibilism" Patrick Todd

“Kant on Religion and the Hope for Human Progress” Andrew Chignell

TBA: Lara Buchak

"Don't Ask, Don't Tell: Against Conciliatory Response to Religious Disagreement” Matt Mullins

“Two-No, Three-Dogmas of Philosophical Theology” Michael Almeida

“Against Multiverse Theodicies” Bradley Monton

TBA: Robert Garcia

“Multiverses and Possible Worlds" Hugh McCann

“Plantinga’s ‘Defeat’” Ed Wierenga

“On the Importance of Being Sensitive” Steve Wykstra & Tim Perrine

“Intelligent Design Reliabilism” Peter Graham

Papers from previous conferences can be downloaded here.

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