Two Recent Short Pieces by Maitzen

Stephen Maitzen has recently written two nice short pieces that are accessible to the non-philosopher:

"On God and Our Ultimate Purpose", Free Inquiry (Feb/Mar 2011), 35-37. (a reply to Craig's argument that God is required if our lives are to be sufficiently meaningful or significant.)

"Does God Destroy Our Duty of Compassion?", Free Inquiry (Oct/Nov 2010), 52-53. (a non-technical version of his argument in "Ordinary Morality Implies Atheism", European Journal for Philosophy of Religion 1:2 (2009), 107-126.[1])

[1] Jerome Gellman has written a reply to Maitzen's "Ordinary Morality Implies Atheism". See his “On God, Suffering, and Theodical Individualism,” European Journal for Philosophy of Religion 2:1 (2010): 187-191 Maitzen's rejoinder can be found here.

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