New Paper on Theism and Inference to the Best Explanation

van Holten, Wilko. "Theism and Inference to the Best Explanation", Ars Disputandi (2011).


Steve Schuler said...

Hey Ex!

Another of my periodic 'calling cards' to let you know that I have been here. While I check your blog regularly, I don't check in with you as much as good manners might dictate.

I am in the midst of reading the paper that you link to in this entry and I am very much enjoying it. While it requires my full attention and stretches my mental faculties, I am finding it to be very worthwhile and informative. Just what the Doctor ordered for a person at my level of knowledge and with my cognitive capacities.

Thanks for doing what you do!

Steve Schuler
Oklahoma USA

Luke said...

Meh. It's just some clarifying thoughts, and half of them are wrong, imo. (Especially concerning Bayes.) He doesn't even cite the major work on the subject: Gregory Dawes!

exapologist said...

@Steve: Thanks for your encouragement!

@Luke: I was disappointed by the lack of references to Dawes as well. The essay is primarily clarificatory, as you and the author say, but I think that may well be helpful for many readers of this blog.


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