Forthcoming Book on God and Morality

Mark C. Murphy (Georgetown). God and Moral Law: On the Theistic Explanation of Morality (OUP, forthcoming). The book will critique the traditional theistic accounts (divine command theory and natural law theory) and offer a novel account in their place.


Robert said...

He spoke on this issue at Notre Dame in Sept 2009. Video here.

I wonder if this book is going to respond more fully to Wes Morriston's objections.

Michael Baldwin said...

Hey man, a long time ago a got linked to a post you wrote called something like " a quick and dirty refutation of divine command ethics". However it said the page has now expired!
Do you know where I can find it?
I remember it being quite good :)

exapologist said...

Hi Michael,

Thanks for the kind words! Sure, the paper can be found here.

All the best,