New Critique of Craig's Hilbert's Hotel Argument

Hedrick, Landon. "Heartbreak at Hilbert's Hotel", Religious Studies (2013). Online First version here (subscription required).


Steve Maitzen said...

Thanks for the alert. From page 15: "I've shown, taking words straight from Craig's own writings, that there is a clear inconsistency in what he says about the A-Theory and presentism on the one hand and [the Hilbert's Hotel argument] on the other." No surprise there. Craig says one thing to one audience and an incompatible thing to another audience and hopes no one is in both audiences (or else doesn't care if someone is). Hedrick is exceedingly charitable to Craig in his interpretation of the Hilbert's Hotel argument and nevertheless takes Craig down.

exapologist said...

Agreed. Also worth noting is that Hedrick points out a number of occasions where Craig engages in dialectically illegitimate argumentative maneuvering, including a good bit of Craigging.