New Philosophy Compass Article on Non-Hickian Accounts of Religious Pluralism

Ruhmkorff, Samuel. "The Incompatibility Problem and Religious Pluralism: Beyond Hick", Philosophy Compass 8:5 (May 2013), 510-522. (subscription required)

Abstract: Religious pluralism is the view that more than one religion is correct, and that no religion enjoys a special status in relation to the ultimate. Yet the world religions appear to be incompatible. How, then, can more than one be correct? Discussions and critiques of religious pluralism usually focus on the work of John Hick, yet there are a number of other pluralists whose responses to this incompatibility problem are importantly different from Hick’s. This article surveys the solutions of Hick, Harrison, Heim, Byrne, and Knitter to the incompatibility problem. I conclude that, while none of these views is without weakness, there are several promising pluralist solutions to this problem. Moreover, confessionalists (i.e. exclusivists and inclusivists) must also address issues related to incompatibility.

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