Tomas Bogardus on the "Elsewhere, Elsewhen" Objection to Religious Belief

Tomas Bogardus is an excellent young philosopher at Pepperdine University. Below is a video of his nice presentation on (what he calls) the "Elsewhere, Elsewhen" objection to religious belief. The presentation was a part of the Spring 2013 Young Philosophers Lecture Series at SUNY Fredonia.

Subscribers to this blog may also be interested in some of his other work.  See, for example, his interesting defense of dualism in a forthcoming issue of Phil. Studies. He also has papers on the epistemology of disagreement, and has applied his view (a version of the Equal Weight view) to the problem of peer disagreement with respect to religious belief. One thing that's unique and interesting about Bogardus' position is his contention that the Equal Weight view does not entail that epistemic peer disagreement undercuts religious belief.

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