Closer to Truth: The Schellenberg Interview

J.L. Schellenberg recently did an interview with Robert Laurence Kuhn for the show, Closer to Truth (PBS). In the interview, Schellenberg discusses many of the key themes of his important and groundbreaking work in philosophy of religion. The segments from the interview can be found here. Highly recommended.

Tyler Wunder's New Paper

The Secular Outpost: “Alvin Plantinga on Paul Draper’s evolutionary ath...: My article with the above name will appear in an upcoming issue of The International Journal of Philosophy of Religion , and has just been m...

New Papers from Maitzen

"Atheism and the Basis of Morality", forthcoming in What Makes Us Moral?, ed. A. W. Musschenga and Anton van Harskamp (Springer)

"The Moral Skepticism Objection to Skeptical Theism", forthcoming in A Companion to the Problem of Evil, ed. Justin P. McBrayer and Daniel Howard-Snyder (Wiley-Blackwell)

A Further Critique of Plantinga's "Content and Natural Selection"

As noted previously, Ruth Millikan has replied to Plantinga's critique of her account of teleosemantics. Brian Leahy offers a further reply in "Can Teleosemantics Deflect the EAAN?", Philosophia (forthcoming).

Dougherty's Overview of Recent Work on the Problem of Evil

Trent Dougherty (Baylor) provides an overview of some of the key strands in the recent literature in "Recent Work on the Problem of Evil", Analysis 71:3 (July 2011), pp. 560-573.

What God Would Have Known... the title of J.L. Schellenberg's forthcoming book , which offers a large number of novel arguments against Christian theism. I...