Contrarian Philosophy of Religion Assertion Tuesday

On classical theism, purpose is built into God's nature without a prior cause, in which case classical theism entails the existence of purpose that God cannot create at the metaphysical ground floor, in which case theism entails purpose that doesn't require intention -- and indeed, that non-conscious teleology is more fundamental than teleology caused by intelligence --, in which case it's not clear why purpose in the universe without intention is problematic for naturalism.

The Summer 2016 Issue of the European Journal for Philosophy of Religion... out, and looks to be a great read. It contains a book symposium on Metz'  Meaning in Life, as well as articles on a host of other topics.

New Issue of Philo

Here. The table of contents is below to whet your appetite.

Dan Flores, Correlations and Conclusions: Neuroscience and the Belief in God
Mark Glouberman, ‘O God, O Montreal!’: Secularity and Turbo-Charged Humanism

Mark Glouberman, ‘O God, O Montreal!’: Secularity and Turbo-Charged Humanism

Tony Houston, Renaissance Humanism: Obscurantist Impieties

R. Zachary Manis, The Problem of Epistemic Luck for Naturalists

Steve Petersen, A Normative Yet Coherent Naturalism

CP Ruloff, Against Mind-Dependence

Lawrence Torcello, On the Virtues of Inhospitality: Toward an Ethics of Public Reason and Critical Engagement

Fantastic Recent, New, and Forthcoming Books by Timpe et al.

Timpe, Kevin and Ben Arbour (eds.). Philosophical Essays Against Open Theism (Routledge, forthcoming).

Timpe, Kevin and Daniel Speak (eds.). Free Will and Theism: Connections, Contingencies, and Concerns (OUP, 2016).

Timpe, Kevin. Free Will in Philosophical Theology (Bloomsbury, 2014).

Resto Quiñones's New Argument Against Perfect Being Theism

Resto Quiñones, Jashiel. " Incompatible And Incomparable Perfections: A New Argument Against Perfect Being Theism ", International...